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Survive the Game

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Survive the Game tell story about "When cop David is injured in a drug bust gone wrong, his partner Cal chases the two criminals who shot him. They all land at a remote farm owned by troubled vet Eric, and as Cal and Eric plot their defense, more of the gang arrives - along with a wounded David. Outnumbered, the three heroes must use stealth, smarts, and good shooting to take down the drug-dealing mob..".

Cast : Chad Michael Murray, Swen Temmel, Bruce Willis, Michael Sirow, Kate Katzman, Sean Kanan, Simon Phillips, Zack Ward, Donna D'Errico, Adam Huel Potter, Kristos Andrews, Jonathan González, Yulia Klass, Félix Cortés Rodríguez, Canyon Prince, Daniel Salinas, Sarah Roemer

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  • Runtime : 97 minutes (1' 37")
  • Genre : Action Thriller Crime
  • Production : Lionsgate
  • Release : October 08, 2021
  • Countries : United States of America
  • Languages : English

User Reviews

  • JPV852

    7 day ago - Another bland direct-to-video film with bad acting, terrible writing, awkward editing and just all around dumb movie that has no suspense or thrills. The only thing I liked was the nonchalant attitude of one of the thugs, otherwise it's a throwaway movie featuring a "performance" from Bruce Willis who couldn't give a damn (meaning, same thing he's been doing for the past several years now). **1.5/5**